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cost to budget


This package is tailored and the development of the entire project is budgeted. Here you can determine special functionalities so that your app and the system you use is 100% created and customized to your needs. 
The monthly cost varies depending on the complexity of the system you develop.


next party 

Find out the matches of your favorite team on the date. 


See all the matches of the tournament


All the information of the tournament and the position in the table of the teams

icon-positions white.png


Find out who are the players with the most goals in the tournament

icon-stricker white.png

match detail

Chronological detail of the incidents that occurred in the match (time of the match, goals, substitutions, cards, best player).

icon-matchdetails white.png


Get ready for the third time and make purchases from the APP.

icon-shop white.png


Communicate with your tournament through a mail form, or through its social networks

icon-contact white.png

my teams

Choose your favorite team and check group and individual statistics


Link the tournament regulations with the App

icon-rules white.png


Check all the user and view metrics of your App through Google Analytics

icon-suspended white.png


Check how many dates are left for the sanction to be fulfilled.

icon-MVP white.png


Find out  of those players who came out as stars of their matches

icon-fairplay white.png

fair play

The fair play is calculated taking into account the cards received by each team

icon-cards white.png


View how many cards the players received.


Enjoy tournaments in cup mode

icon-captain white.png

captains management

The copatines will be able to manage the bona fide list of their team from the App.

icon-notifications white.png


Find out about the news and updates from the App notifications

icon-import white.png

import in csv

The organizer will be able to upload teams, squads, matches and results massively through CSV files

icon-export white.png

export in csv

The organizer will also be able to export the tournament data in CSV files for better analysis.

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